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    Good Morning Bryan-David,
    I woke up thinking about your Brazilian Dark. Brazilian Dark is prima facie evidence that 'luxury' and 'every day' need not be mutually exclusive terms any longer. Brazilian Special Dark, has elegant complex richness and depth without the hint of the bitterness that most often finds its way into darker roasts. I am aware that roasting beyond the typical (and mundane!) medium 'blond' roasts or medium requires skill to bring out the full flavor without introducing new unwanted undertones. Cup of Luxury's roaster is a master craftsman that has broken the code to create a true luxury special dark roast.
    As to my 'every day' comment: One of the beauties of your Brazilian coffee is that it can be served as an every day coffee. It is not like that bottle of aged single-malt scotch that some of us keep hidden only for special occasions and for select guests deemed worthy. No, instead Brazilian Special Dark is a coffee I can serve proudly any time to guests and all friends that drop by for a cup. Since I found Cup of Luxury, when we are invited to friends' homes for dinner, rather then the typical response of "Yes, what can I bring?" I now respond with "Yes, may I bring the coffee?", a response that is met with enthusiasm! 
    I have my travelling coffee down pat now. I bring the Brazilian, my burr grinder, French Press, and even my own kettle to boil the water (not taking a chance on contaminating the presentation by using water that may have been boiled in a pot that was recently abused with a Brillo pad or used to heat tomato soup.
    Now, your Private Estate Costa Rican has become my special coffee for the quiet moments. It was the cup I enjoyed after the crowd thinned out; when I could appreciate the nuances and undertones without distraction. Thank you for sharing the finest of the crop with me and my family (and select friends). As I've said before, Bryan-David, I have enjoyed superior coffees for decades. No coffee, absolutely no coffee, can compare with Cup of Luxury.
    I am going online this morning to order a few more bags of Brazilian Dark. My friends and I believe that I have set a new bar for coffee and I can not disappoint them.
    Best Regards,
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