Preparing for the upcoming Cup of Luxury tour! L.A., Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Bel Aire, Las Vegas. We are unwrapping our new LUXURY COFFEE SCRUBS. With one use senses come alive -- the aroma is divine, skin is naturally tightened, exfoliated and rejuvenated. Cup of Luxury's scrubs are all natural, handcrafted and made-on-order. With one use skin can remain silky smooth for up to one-week. Amazing.

    Our luxury coffee and espresso ice cream line is ready for production. We have created what world-class chefs and connoisseurs are calling, "The smoothest, richest and creamiest coffee ice cream of all time," "Unparalleled frozen delight," and "There is no cost, rather an investment in self indulgence and decadent palette pleasure."

    Bryan-David Scott joins the ranks as a Celebrity Coffee Chef. As a contributor to the new book written by Food Network favorite Celebrity Chef Anton Testino, and having served numerous celebrities in private tasting events from Seattle to San Francisco to Los Angeles, Bryan-David Scott has prepared Cup of Luxury's finest coffees for the world's elite.

    When we prepare to introduce a new blend we average seven-months from conceptualization to offering as we will not allow a coffee to be marketed without first obtaining a five-star rating and must be no less than 95 points (most coffees bear 100 points). Though details are soon coming, I am very pleased to announce that this superb new coffee will be featured as one of our Signature Coffees, just received the official five-star rating and has received a grade of 100 points.


    Celebrating life, family, friends and great success!

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