• Chef John McReynolds and Luxury Coffee

    I love everything about Stone Edge Farm and their acclaimed restaurant EDGE located on the Sonoma Plaza. I have had the joy and honor of serving with renowned Chef John McReynolds and his elite team of culinary masters.

    During a private event held at Stone Edge Farm I was tasked with serving a group of 40 + executives. Normally forty people would not be a challenge except this group arrived with empty cups of Illy coffee and espresso. I wasn't concerned until I was told, "Sorry, we've already had coffee and probably won't want more." I needed a plan. Immediately. Seconds later, I asked if I could reposition the serving table so that the flow of people on their breaks would pass by me first. Smart move.

    Break one came. As the people began crowding the table filled with fine pastries, fruits, and VOSS, I started pouring a cup of fresh roasted luxury from a French press. Heads turned. I began handing out cups of coffee. Seconds later ... "Sorry, I'm out of coffee, but good news: I have coffee brewing, and will bring you a fresh press, be right back!" I brought three presses for the event so while I was serving I had two brewing. People were waiting for me when I returned. Then something quite wonderful happened. People began coming outside asking questions about Cup of Luxury and offering their compliments. "What is luxury coffee?" "Where do get your coffees come from?" "This is the best tasting coffee I have ever had!" "I can't believe how awesome the aroma is -- and the flavor is indescribable." To say the least my heart was singing.

    Break two. I had a gentleman approach me. "Excuse me, but I have a colleague that does not drink coffee yet has had two cups of yours. Would it be possible to have a taste, not a whole cup?" With a genuinely warm friendly smile I gladly served the man his 2 ounces or so of luxury coffee. He stepped backwards, looked at me and said, "I have never liked coffee -- never. Couldn't stand the stuff. This is incredible! What is it you do differently?" And so for the next five-hours I served enough coffee to accommodate at least 110 people.

    I love serving people, teaching, learning and of course ... I love luxury coffee.


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