Bryan-David Scott released information today that Josef Reisz, a luxury specialist in Munich, has agreed to represent Cup of Luxury throughout Germany and select European countries.

    Joseph will be the official Cup of Luxury Ambassador to Germany. When asked why Joseph Reisz, Scott had this to say:

    "Joseph embodies all that Cup of Luxury is about ... passion, vision, dedication to excellence, an in-depth knowledge of UHNWI's spending habits and what it takes to cater to their desires. I am very pleased to have this great man represent us in Germany."

    In other breaking news from Cup of Luxury, Bryan-David Scott's vision to create an exclusive line of luxury chocolates, bars and truffles infused with Cup of Luxury espresso is moving forward. David Bacco Chocolatier -- Master Chocolatier, signed on with the Celebrity Coffee Chef in spring 2015. Combining their passions and vision to create experiences not found elsewhere is the driving force behind Scott and Bacco.
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