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    Described as bright, wonderful to the senses, and unlike any other coffee.
    Limited: 18 kg will be produced for the 2024-2025 season beginning February 2, 2024. Pre-orders are strongly encouraged.
    To create this exclusive coffee, I turned to a friend and favorite client, Al Greene. He named the coffee Umbra. Here is why:
    “The umbra is the portion of the shadow of a celestial body where the light is completely blocked. When you fly eastbound, best observed above 40,000 feet, at sunset, there is a small amount of time when the location on the earth you are flying above is in total darkness, however the sun has not set far enough to put the aircraft in darkness. You are in total light, looking down at a dark world. Often at this moment, looking east, you see the umbra, the shadow of the earth, a dark shadow outlined by a bright sky. The shadow (the umbra) is curved as it  is the shadow of the earth, also, and this plays into the new suggested name; you see the darkness (the richness of the coffee), yet it is outlined by 'brightness', the tastes that shine around the edges of the rich darkness.”


    Al served as a Navy fighter pilot for 20 + years then flew for Delta Airlines for 20 + years. He is a lifelong connoisseur of fine coffees. Thank you Al, for your love of our coffees, your passion, for your time and contribution, and thank you for your service to our country.

    Read: Al's personal testimony of CUP OF LUXURY

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