• Simply Decadent

    Cup of Luxury

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    100 Points - Of the luxury range, Simply Decadent is the flagship. A classic special-dark coffee boasting notes of floral and smoke with cedar-like power and an underlying tremor and tautness that delivers a coffee experience second to none. A must have for connoisseurs, chef / owners, and those that appreciate luxury and lifestyle.

     In the fall of 2010, a private meeting took place in Seattle that would forever change the world of coffee when Bryan-David Scott was challenged to craft a blend that would compliment fine chocolate, pair nicely with various desserts (Rich, creamy or fruity) and also to be enjoyed as a classic morning or afternoon coffee. Bryan-David Scott invented this, the world's first "Special Dark" coffee, which boasts complexities of a medium roast and harnesses all of the full, rich and robust characteristics of a Viennese roast.

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