• Surrounded By Great Women: Key To Success

    This is the first of a series of mini-articles that I am writing as thanks and recognition for the great women in my life. I know that some men are intimidated by powerful women; I don't understand why.

    Please hear my heart: if you disagree that's fine. I am writing this for non-commercial reasons. Though astute and grammar sensitive, I am not going to edit and re-edit this. If you think I could have said something better, cool. My purpose in writing this, and subsequent mini-articles, is to show my gratitude for women. I'm not looking for trophies and praise. I want the world to know what I think and what my opinion is of women. I've grown weary through the years of women being dismissed or under-recognized, underappreciated, and generally disrespected. Okay? Cool. Moving forward ...

    I am a fairly typical Alpha personality: gregarious, hard working, love to play, love humor, extremely competitive (as a fighter my stats were 42/2. As a ball player I always swung for the fence. Family game nights I need to be reminded that it's okay for our 11-yo or 12-yo to fine me for landing on property they "own." You get the idea). I am very comfortable being in control. Having said this, I am equally comfortable serving under leadership as long as they are competent. In my life I have discovered that the most competent leaders are oftentimes women.

    I was raised by a college educated single mother that worked two jobs to make ends meet. I never had to wonder whether I was loved because Mama showed me every day. She was mostly patient with me. She raised me to show great respect for women; to be a gentleman. I learned to speak in terms of what I felt rather than what I thought. I developed a passion to protect and defend from an early age (majority of the fights I got into in my youth were because a girl or a woman was being disrespected. I wasn't afraid to take on men 3 or 4 times my size, four or five times my age, either. I drew a hardline when it came to respecting women). I was often cared for by my amazing aunt and wonderful grandmother as well as great women in my neighborhood. As I grew older, I learned that there is calm and power in the voice of a woman.

    As I began my professional life, I made it a point to be surrounded by powerful women. I often sought counsel from exceptional female CEO's, COO's, Directors, journalists, chefs and not be dismissed ... great homemakers. The result has always been great success. You will always find excellent women surrounding me. My respect for them is immense. They are smart, intuitive, emotionally connected, passionate, compassionate, and as competitive -- if not more -- than a lot of men. Why wouldn't I want winning people like this in my life? I won't live any other way.

    One woman that has had eternal impact on me that I cannot say enough good things about is my wife, Amy. She has stood by my side through storms in life that rocked us hard. When business was hard going and I couldn't find work, she carried our family. Her faith in me has never waned. We laugh together, cry together, celebrate life with each other and our kids; we pray together, do life together. She makes me a better man. I love you so much. You have my greatest respect, appreciation and I cannot help but stare in awe of you. Thank you for being you.


    In the next series, I will be presenting three women that have the world's attention. They are smart, aggressive, competitive and know how to win. I am very pleased to present: Kat Cole, Julia Landauer, and Danika Patrick.

    Raising a cup of luxury in celebration of life, family, friends and great success!

    Celebrity Coffee Chef. Luxury Coffee Specialist. Author. Children’s Advocate.



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